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Success depends fundamentally upon an expert, experienced, and motivated staff. Serving our people is a core priority, equally as important as serving our customers.

Our culture values delivery of useful and cost-effective technology on-time and on-budget. Erigo achieves these goals with a well-rounded staff that has both subject-matter and project-management expertise as well as real-world business experience.

Our research scientists and project managers hold advanced degrees in a multitude of engineering disciplines, are published in numerous scientific journals, and hold patents in a variety of technologies. Our experience transcends research alone as we have developed, managed and commercialized a variety of technologies. Our staff has overseen multi-million dollar projects destined for U.S. government agencies as well as for private enterprise, and has the necessary know-how to assist our clients in their technology development.

Our staff also consists of seasoned business executives: entrepreneurs experienced in startup operations including mergers, acquisitions, licensing, and joint ventures; financial managers knowledgeable in accounting systems that comply with government rules and regulations including auditing requirements; and experts knowledgeable in the ins and outs of private equity financing. We collaborate closely with legal advisors experienced with the needs of not only startup operations but also large corporations and the government.